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Aiping Tai Chi

Gold Dragon Phoenix Solid Metal Fan Left Hand

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This is the fan Shifu Shirley Chock made famous on TikTok and was featured by Buzz Feed and LADBible and this is the only place on the internet you can purchase this fan made for the left hand!

This is the highest quality metal fan you can purchase on the market. The weight is 14 oz, almost one full lb and feels amazing in your hand. It is solid enough for striking and has smooth edges for comfort and better hold. The construction is superb and will withstand the high amount of force needed to open and close it for martial arts training. The ribs are smooth and the fan opens and closes with ease.

The exterior ribs are made from heavy duty solid stainless steel. The interior ribs are made from a sturdy polymer. The combination of the interior sturdy polymer ribs and exterior heavy duty steel ribs provide the perfect fan for martial arts training. It is strong enough to withstand strikes but opens and closes with ease and fluidity. 

The beautiful design on the fan is a dragon and phoenix motif. One side of the metal end is engraved with the Chinese characters for "Chinese Kung Fu Fan"

Watch the video that made this fan famous with over 2 million views on TikTok.

Are you brand new to martial fans? Here's a free lesson to get you started: Shifu Shirley will be posting more free lessons and fan content on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

Fan Details:

Hand: Right

Color: Gold

Length: 13.5" 

Width When Open: 25.5"

Width When Closed: 1.75"


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