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Fundamentals and Philosophy of Tai Chi

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This Philosophy and Fundamentals of Tai Chi workshop was presented by Grandmaster Aiping Cheng in 2019 during a return trip to Connecticut from her new hometown of Austin, TX.

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The topics covered in the workshop include:

-Using Tai Chi philosophy to find balance in your life
-Principles of Yin and Yang
-Eight stages of Yin Yang Changes (Ba Gua)
-The 3 External Synergies and the 3 Internal Synergies
-Application of Yin and Yang in your Tai Chi movements
-Examples of Yin and Yang change in Tai Chi Push Hands Applications
-Application of Repulse the Monkey and White Crane Opens Wings Movements
-Using Yin Yang Change to Defeat a Stronger Opponent
-Wu Wei: Non-Doing
-Importance of Meditation to Feel Qi and Understand Yin Yang Change
-The Power of Qi, Cultivated through Meditation
-Bringing the Five Bows of the Body Together
-Tai Chi Improves Micro-circulation
-Tai Chi's Self-Healing Therapeutic Effects
-Q&A with Grandmaster Aiping Cheng



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