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Yang Style Tai Chi Basic Movements DVD

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This hour-long video will benefit everyone interested in Tai Chi. Beginners will learn the essentials necessary for a strong foundation. Advanced students will learn the details and techniques needed to refine their form. Grandmaster Aiping Cheng demonstrates alignment, breathing, hand position, leg stances, tree-standing meditation, and two practice routines using 24 Form movements. Everything is presented in the same clear step-by-step format she uses to teach at the Aiping Tai Chi Center. Just follow along with her and practice each move before moving on to the next. Grandmaster Cheng created this video to make learning easy and enjoyable. As she says: "You have Tai Chi Chuan your whole life."

This video is a recipient of The Communicator Awards, December 2002. The award recognizes Grandmaster Cheng's instructional video for excellence in communications. More than 3,400 video entries from 10 countries were evaluated.


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